How to Buy Twitter accounts and automate your twitter marketing

You might obviously be wondering how buying Twitter Account from here will help you to gain a new mark – in favor of promoting your products and services. How buying the account will lead your business to achieve desired levels and acquiring much more than targeted customers. Down here are the complete guide lines just few clicks away for a new leap to your business.

Twitter is a powerful platform that holds 100 million logins per day with 120 Million visitor’s the same day. It’s an complete concert, where you are the speaker and the huge crowd far more than you expect listens and respond to your message, The place very less to invest and get global returns and a monopoly game play to play. Else place other than twitter than twitter the marketing tactics are not this global and very expensive that some it can drive more than your profit and investment. So you got the best way to Promote Your Products and services at less very less implements  of resources under some clicks away.


First, you need high quality twitter accounts to start your campaign. Either you use automated software or you run the accounts manually, you need accounts created from unique ip address , profile pic and cover photo uploaded to avoid any suspension in the future. At we sell high-quality twitter accounts along with  proxies so you can access them without getting into any trouble!

You will not find it a difficult task to manage, the design and functionality of twitter is

quite interesting which helps you to tap into the awesome traffic source. Just go through, and you enter the new era of marketing.

Twitter marketing – Get your marketing automate

It’s very sure out here in the market you will find a lot places claiming to automate your twitter marketing and you will find there are several software that can help you to automate your twitter marketing. But here at they key is to create more than one twitter account and run them on auto pilot. For example if you are sending 20 visitors a day from one Twitter account on average, you can get 100 twitter or even 300 Twitter accounts and send 2,000 or even 5,000 visitors a day! and the key is all stuff will be on auto pilot. Your can read our recent blog post about Top-3 Twitter automation tools. 

Here is how you can do that.

As mentioned above the tools in which you can upload your twitter accounts, follow other people, favorite tweets, send tweets unfollow people and even send DM to new followers! This is how we get your marketing auto helping you to provide a great traffic source to reach at an complete – automating your marketing.

Further we own – Old Twitter Accounts. 2007, 2009 and 2013 allowing you to choose the option for your products, a marketing which also reflects your history, a background of many years from the OLD TWITTER ACCOUNTS We own of 2007, 2009, 2013 ready is a phase so that you can customize according to your segment and put into great use.

Buy Twitter accounts for your campaign


Not just owning a bunch of Twitter accounts will lead you to have the marketing game play, You need high quality twitter accounts that are created from a unique ip address. So you can upload them to your software or you can just run them manually. We at sell high quality twitter accounts with proxies which will drive your business as you desire with proven reflecting results.

SUPPORT – Our team

It’s not a play that you will hit our place and the deal is done. Not just like every other sellers out there in market calming to provide you a instance result but after the purchase you will surely find them finishing or improper After sales Support. But we are a team claims to provide you total support right from beginning and a complete after sales support.

We have awesome helpful team that will surely help you in twitter account creation and marketing campaign. And we own a wide range of old Twitter accounts, we Sell Twitter Accounts-a perfect stock for your use.


Is it necessary to use proxies with twitter?


After all you got the complete working strategies, right from use of Twitter marketing to – behinds the scene. Have a deep review through the Necessity to use proxies with it help you to grasp more the scenario for more. If you access more than 5 accounts from the same IP address, there is a huge chance that twitter will either ban your twitter accounts or ask you for some phone verification which can get you in trouble so you need a good quality proxy. We recommend accessing a minimum 5 accounts from one proxy.


If you buy accounts from us, we recommend you to buy proxies as well. Because if you use these accounts with that specific proxies from which the accounts were created, it would be quite safe and your account won’t get banned.

We have many dedicated servers with many IPs which we use only as proxies servers, so they have a good speed and uptime you can choose from the location between Europe or USA and you can use them for 30 days. We have a simple Firefox plugin which you can download and use the proxies. Its very easy to use our proxies in a Browser ( if you are running the accounts manually) or in any twitter automation software. Here are detailed instructions on how to use our proxies for your twitter accounts. 

Buy Proxies Form

We are quite sure we had helped you to gain the most of Twitter Marketing, The working strategies – the leap in sales and promotion of your products. Buy Twitter Accounts and boost up your business – stay updated for all the latest updates.