How to get followers on twitter fast without following them

Getting more Twitter followers is easier than you might think.

If you are a Twitter user and you are dissatisfied with the number of followers you have then you have come to the right place.  This is nothing new.  Also getting more followers is not very hard.  In order to get more followers, you need to know exactly what you want to get out of twitter.  If you are a business on Twitter ultimately, you want more followers to possible increase brand awareness, promote and share your tweets or just to tell someone else about you.  Getting more followers means putting in a little research before you actually follow with Twitter.  Implementing the strategies below should help you to get more Twitter followers.

Create a Proper Name

Your name should always be short.  It needs to be something that is simple and stays within memory.  It should also identify you.  Once it is short it is usually easier to remember.  Once it is different from the rest it will function as your identifier when looked for in a search engine.  Ensure you only use those names that are very related to your company or your particular brand.  It may be best to check for with Name Checker Which is a free tool which you can use to check domain & social username availability across multiple networks. 

Just input your brand name and it will search for availability on all social media networks and domain registrars.

Make a proper Profile

You should always make a profile that is like no other.  It should be distinctive.  Use a proper profile picture and cover picture.  This could become your brand.  Branding is especially valuable because it helps to form a personality that is lasting.  Your profile picture should always be very visible and unique.  Making your business stand out may require you to use a cover photo that gives a professional look.

Profile Description

The biography area on your profile is very important.  Make sure you state exactly what you must in the limited space.  Give the important information. You can read Neil Patel article about 7 Key Ingredients of a Great Twitter Bio

Always link to website

Linking your website allows people to visit easily.  It is a simple way to tell people about your website and it provides a backlink that is great for your sites SEO. Never do too much in this section.

State your market

If you are offering a particular service, product or niche then you know who you are targeting.  You need to speak directly to them.  Make sure your profile and content is focused on them.  It is extremely important.  We know all your followers will not be customers, however, it is important that you focus on your target market.   This allows you to always provide your target with information specifically for them.

Communicate with followers

Once you have stated your market, designed a great profile and created a great name, it is now time to really get busy on Twitter.  There will be people who will automatically follow you once you have created a Twitter account.  These followers you must interact with as you following grows.  Sometimes individuals comment on your tweets and would delight in some interaction.  When you are new to Twitter you should always reply to these messages.  Individuals will see you are active and committed to your followers.   This lets people know that you are approachable and it gives a personal feel.

Constantly Tweet

Try to analyze your followers.  Know when they are most active.  This will increase your marketing and promotional chances.  You can see when responses are highest daily and tweet at these times.  Some people use the tool Audience that gives statistics about followers’ activity.  This can greatly help you.

Create some special promotion

Promotions attract customers.  They can also help you to get additional Twitter followers.  You can try offering a discount or a free gift as part of a purchase.  This will help your users to stay and give them that drive to make a purchase.  They may also share with a friend who is interested and boom more followers.


Getting more Twitter followers is easier than you think.  It simply requires time and effort.  If you do not have the time you should think about hiring someone to create a twitter account that grabs followers.  The above methods were the more cost efficient means of methods to get more Twitter followers.  Sometimes people buy followers.  This should be done more when you just started on Twitter.  Try some tips above and watch your following grow fast without even following them.

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